Making links in maths

This morning we made links with what we know about addition and thought about how to balance number sentences e.g. 7+_=5+5
Once we’d cracked this we tried seeing how many addition sentences we could add.
We just had to remember that = is used to balance the numbers and the numbers on either side must make the same amount.

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Place value mastery style

This morning we took on a mastery challenge. We had to make links not only with place value but also calculations.

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Both groups have been really stretching their noticing and reasoning muscles this morning. The older children were thinking about word classes and sorting words into groups… we did spot some words that could be in more than one group.

The younger children looked at non fiction texts and began to spot features.

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Place value check in

This morning we checked in with place value. We looked at how to make the largest and smallest numbers we could using 3 digits. We then had to discuss and reason why.

Great start back!

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Today we used perimeter of square to add some variation to our multiplication learning. Although perimeter was a new topic we realised that we could make links to our repeated addition and multiplication as well as our shape knowledge.
See our Twitter page to watch Zachary capitalising on his tools to solve the multiplication.

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Imitating directors and actors

Today we put all of our hard work into action and imitated actors and directors.
The older boys had to create an advert persuading us/ parents to send their child to camp green lake.
Did they use enough persuasive techniques?

McKenzie put his story into an animation and retold it.

I’m really impressed at how everyone persevered to create these amazing films.

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Today we have been busy working on logos and slogans for camp green lake as we noticed that this was an important feature companies use to seek their products.

Whilst the older boys were absorbed doing this the younger children set about creating characters and props for their animation.

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Perseverance pays off

Over the last few weeks we have been building up our skills ready for the finale. For the older children this was publishing their leaflets using persuasive features to convince us to go to camp green lake.
For the younger learners it was rewriting the Paddington story.
I was really proud of how hard everyone has worked and the end products look amazing.

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Year 5 RE 30/11/17

Read the text and answer the questions, I’m sure Miss Wogan will help you!

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Terrific Tuesday

What a busy morning we’ve had. In literacy the older boys have been continuing to use features of persuasive writing to plan out their leaflets for the camp (it sounds like a beautiful place to visit). Meanwhile the younger boys have been stretching the noticing muscles to sequence to story of Paddington.

In maths we continued with our multiplication. The older boys completing some reasoning activities whilst the younger boys practiced their fluency using arrays.

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