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Year 5 RE 30/11/17

Posted by on November 29, 2017

Read the text and answer the questions, I’m sure Miss Wogan will help you!


2 Responses to Year 5 RE 30/11/17

  1. Calum

    1. The special baby wos jesus.

    2. Advent calendars and candles are cont down for the special day

    3. The circle of branches god does not change

    4. The 5 candles lit on Christmas

    5. The 5th candle represents the birth of Jesus

  2. Ben, Levi, cody, Jamie

    1. The name of the special baby christians celebrate is called Jesus.

    2. Advent calanders and advent wreaths are used.

    3. The branches on the wreath represent…
    – god does not change
    -light of god
    – the birth of Jesus

    4. The 5th candle is lit on christmas day

    5. The 5th candle reperesents the birth of Jesus

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